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Housed in the Centre for Research in Young People's Texts and Cultures, Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures is an interdisciplinary, refereed academic journal, the mandate of which is to publish research on, and to provide a forum for discussion about, cultural productions for, by, and about young people. Our scope is international; while we have a special interest in Canada, we welcome submissions concerning all areas and cultures. We are especially interested in the cultural functions and representations of “the child.” This can include children’s and young adult literature and media; young people’s material culture, including toys; digital culture and young people; historical and contemporary constructions, functions, and roles of “the child” and adolescents; and literature, art, and films by children and young adults. We welcome articles in both English and French. Jeunesse was formerly Canadian Children's Literature/ Littérature canadienne pour la jeunesse. Read more

Editorial Board
Heather Snell, Editor
Kristine Alexander, Editor
Angela Dwyer, Editor
Naomi Hamer, Editor
Mary LeMaître, Editor
Louise Saldanha, Editor
Larissa Wodtke, Managing Editor


Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures

Current Issue's Table of Contents:

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  • Disney Prince / Heather Snell [1-19]


  • David A. Carter, Alexander Calder, and the Childlikeness of the Moveable Book: Children as "Children of All Ages" / Perry Nodelman [20-36]
  • A Rhizomatic Exploration of Adolescent Girls’ Rough-and-Tumble Play as Embodied Literacy / Julie Anne Work-Slivka [37-56]
  • Katniss Everdeen’s Posthuman Identity in Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games Series: Free as a Mockingjay? / Lykke Guanio-Uluru [57-81]
  • Identity and Survival in the Multimedia Art of Street-Involved Youth / Jennifer Hardwick [82-101]
  • Jessie Willcox Smith’s Critique of Teleological Girlhood in The Seven Ages of Childhood: "Sans Everything" / Amanda M. Greenwell [102-128]


  • Rethinking Street Culture: Enacting Youthful Defiance? / Angela Dwyer [129-133]
    • Ilan, Jonathan. Understanding Street Culture: Poverty, Crime, Youth and Cool.
  • La littérature de jeunesse entre les langues et à travers le temps / Children’s Literature between Languages and across Time / Rob Twiss [134-149]
    • Douglas, Virginie et Florence Cabaret, dir. La Retraduction en littérature de jeunesse / Retranslating Children’s Literature.
  • The Terror of Childness in Modern Horror Cinema / Max Bledstein [150-163]
    • Bohlmann, Markus P. J., and Sean Moreland, editors. Monstrous Children and Childish Monsters: Essays on Cinema’s Holy Terrors.
  • Adult-Child Negotiations of Environmental Encounters: Mediating a Future of Hope / Erin Spring [164-175]
    • Hodge, Deborah. West Coast Wild: A Nature Alphabet, illustrated by Karen Reczuch.
    • Lappano, Jon-Erik, and Kellen Hatanaka. Tokyo Digs a Garden.
    • Larsen, Andrew. Charlie's Dirt Day, illustrated by Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli.
    • Wahl, Chris. Rosario's Fig Tree, illustrated by Luc Melanson.
    • Wahl, Phoebe. Sonya's Chickens.
    • Wallace, Ian. The Slippers’ Keeper.
  • Childhood, Children’s Literature, and Postcolonialism / Heather Snell [176-187]
    • Faulkner, Joanne. Young and Free: [Post]colonial Ontologies of Childhood, Memory and History in Australia.
    • Grzegorczyk, Blanka. Discourses of Postcolonialism in Contemporary British Children’s Literature.
    • Stadler, Sandra. South African Young Adult Literature in English, 2000–2014.

About CCL/LCJ:

CCL/LCJ was a bilingual refereed academic journal with the purpose of advancing knowledge and understanding of the texts produced for children in Canada in a range of media in English, French and other languages. Produced under the sponsorship of the Vice President (Research) and the Dean of Humanities at the University of Winnipeg, CCL/LCJ published sound theoretically informed scholarship about all aspects of texts for children in Canada in both of Canada's official languages. Read more

CCL/LCJ website


The Editorial Board of Canadian Children's Literature/Littérature canadienne pour la jeunesse, an academic journal housed at and sponsored by the Centre for Research in Young People's Texts and Cultures at the University of Winnipeg, is pleased to report that CCL/LCJ has been named runner-up in the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ)'s 2006 Awards Competition.

The Council of Editors of Learned Journals, an Allied Organization of the Modern Language Association, is an organization of editors of scholarly journals devoted to study in the humanistic disciplines, with a membership of over 450 editors across North America. The annual CELJ Awards Competition recognizes outstanding achievement in scholarly journal publication. See CELJ's website for more information.

The award for which CCL/LCJ has been named runner-up is The Phoenix Award for Significant Editorial Achievement. This award is for journals that have launched an overall effort of revitalization or transformation within the previous three years. For a journal to be considered, it must feature significant editorial change and may also feature change in design and other aspects of the journal's publication.

In citing CCL/LCJ for the Phoenix Award, the CELJ judges noted that "the change between former and current versions of this journal is immediately apparent, both in content and in aesthetics." The judges also commented that "serious reflections about the mission and nature of the journal" are evident in a new mission statement that "redefines and tightens the journal's focus," and in "improved writing and more pointed emphasis on the relationship between theory and children's literature which deepens and enriches the scholarship." The judges also highlighted CCL/LCJ's return to a bilingual structure.

The award was publicly announced at the MLA Conference in Philadelphia at the CELJ reception on December 27, 2006.

CCL/LCJ moved to the University of Winnipeg in 2005. It is produced under the sponsorship of the Vice President (Research) and the Dean of Arts at the University of Winnipeg and with assistance from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), CCL/LCJ: Canadian Children's Literature/Littérature canadienne pour la jeunesse is a bilingual refereed academic journal focusing on texts for and about children in Canada of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For further information about CCL/LCJ, see the journal's website.

Editorial Board
Perry Nodelman, Editor
Mavis Reimer and Anne Rusnak, Associate Editors
Kenneth Meadwell and Benjamin Lefebvre, Members of the Editorial Board
Sharlee Reimer, Administrator