Fellowship Programme of the International Youth Library

International Youth Library

The International Youth Library offers academic fellowships for up to 12 scholars each year. The length of the stay can range from six weeks to four months. Scholars work on research projects that they have already started in their home countries. In the application, scholars must explain the academic relevancy of the project, and demonstrate that access to the collection of the International Youth Library is necessary for completion of the research project because of insufficient access to needed primary and secondary literature in their home countries. Applications from junior scholars are especially welcome.

Application requirements:

  • Academic qualification
  • International focus of research project
  • Sufficient fluency in either Germany or English
  • Non-German citizenship

Deadline for applications: September 30 for a fellowship stay in the following year

For more information:

Download PDF of application information

Website: http://www.ijb.de

Email: direktion@ijb.de

CFP – The 31st Annual International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

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Theme: Race and the Fantastic

Division of Children’s and Young Adult Literature

The 2010 ICFA welcomes paper proposals on all areas of the fantastic (including high fantasy, allegory, science fiction, horror, folk tales, and other traditional literatures, magical realism, the supernatural, and the gothic) in all media (novels, short stories, drama, television, comic books, film, and others).

The division of children’s and young adult literature is especially interested in paper proposals throughout the field, including picture books, easy readers, novels, short stories, film, comic books, and other forms. We embrace a wide variety of scholarly approaches and interests, including genre, historical, theoretical, and textual, models. We encourage work from institutionally-affiliated scholars, independent scholars, international scholars, who work in languages other than English, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

The conference will run March 17-21, 2010, in Orlando, Florida.

Please submit a 250-word abstract directly to the division head, Amie Rose Rotruck, at arotruck@gmail.com. Abstracts should be turned in by October 31, 2009.

The conference encourages graduate student participation and gives an award for outstanding paper by a graduate student each year.

For more information on the conference or other divisions, please visit http://www.iafa.org.

CFP – Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden at 100

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In honour of the 100th anniversary of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, Jackie C. Horne and Joe Sutliff Sanders are soliciting essays for a proposed volume in the Children’s Literature Association’s Centennial Studies Series. The series seeks to re-examine children’s classics from a contemporary perspective. All critical and theoretical approaches are welcome. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The novel in the context of Burnett’s writing for adults
  • The novel in the context of Burnett’s other children’s novels
  • The novel in the context of other children’s literature of the period
  • “Sentimental” and “realistic” constructions of childhood in Burnett’s children’s texts
  • Animal studies and the (tenuous) line between human and animal in the novel
  • “Queerness” and other sexualities
  • Construction of the narrator/narratee
  • Approaching the novel from the perspective of disability theory and the history of disability in Western culture
  • Construction(s) of masculinity
  • Gardening in the period and/or Burnett’s personal history with real-world gardens
  • Re-envisioning the garden metaphor in later children’s texts
  • Precursor texts: return from India narratives (Ewing’s Six to Sixteen, etc.)
  • Constructions of nationality: British, Indian, American
  • Construction of motherhood/mothers and their replacements
  • Mourning customs of the period reflected in/resisted by the novel
  • Burnett and mysticism/religion
  • Ideologies of class in the novel
  • Secrets in the novel – those revealed and those kept
  • The novel’s ending(s)
  • Illustrations/covers for the novel
  • Film adaptations
  • Theatrical productions; Burnett and theatrical copyright law

Deadline for abstracts: January 10, 2010. Completed articles will be due by June 1, 2010. Please send abstracts of 250-500 words by email, with “SECRET GARDEN” in the submission line, to the following editor:

Joe Sutliff Sanders
California State University – San Bernadino

CFP – Red Feather Journal

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Red Feather facilitates an international dialogue among scholars and professionals through vigorous discussion of the intersections between the child image and the conception of childhood, children’s material culture, children and politics, the child body, and any other conceptions of the child within local, national, and global contexts. The journal invites critical and/or theoretical examination of the child image to further our understanding of the consumption, circulation, and representation of the child throughout the world’s visual mediums.

Some sample topics include, but are certainly not limited to: studies of images of children of colour; child as commodity; images of children in Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America, etc.; political uses of the child image; children in film; children in advertising; visual adaptations of children’s literary works; child welfare images; children and war; or any other critical examination of the child image in a variety of visual mediums.

Red Feather is published twice a year, in February and September, and adheres to the MLA citation system. Authors may submit articles in other citations systems, with the understanding that conversion to MLA is a condition of acceptance.

Interested contributors please submit the paper, an abstract, a current CV, and a brief biography as attachments in Word to debbieo@okstate.edu.

Deadline for submissions for the premier issue is December 15, 2009.