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Chris Campbell

Research Coordinator

Contact: ch.campbell@uwinnipeg.ca

Chris Campbell


Christopher Campbell received his B.A. Hons. in English and Philosophy (2010) and his M.A. in Cultural Studies (2011) from The University of Winnipeg. His research work has included extensive work on LGBTQ-inclusive education practices, as well as work on visual queer cultures, creative writing, writing cultures, and intersections between queer, feminist and Marxist theory.

Chris works as Research Program Coordinator on LGBTQ-inclusive education for Dr. Catherine Taylor, coordinating research team efforts on a number of projects. Most notably, Chris works on the Every Teacher Project, a study of Canadian teachers' perceptions and experiences of LGBTQ-inclusive education (funded by SSHRC and conducted in partnership with Manitoba Teachers' Society), which published its final report this year (available for download: http://news-centre.uwinnipeg.ca/all-posts/national-study-on-lgbtq-inclusive-education-released/) and is currently developing a knowledge mobilization toolkit to help stakeholders adapt the project recommendations into practice throughout the levels of the school system. Chris also coordinates one of five research areas for the large-scale international project called "Reducing Stigma, Promoting Resilience" (led by P.I. Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc, UBC, funded by CIHR); this research area focuses specifically on a national inventory of school-based interventions aimed at reducing homophobic and gender and sexual minority bullying to promote well-being among LGBTQ youth and has just published its final report (available for download: http://www.saravyc.ubc.ca/reports-resources/).

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